Protest Campaign against the Draft Seed Bill- 2014.06.24

Members of the Savisthri Movement whose livelihood is cultivation exceeding 200 from four Districts viz Monaragala, Matale, Galle and Anuradhapura participated in a massive protest campaign today along with members of other organizations which exceeded 1,000 against the Draft Seed Bill. The government is planning to introduce this bill which if passed and implemented would adversely affect the masses. More than 1000 members participated in this campaign which commenced at 10:00 hrs. at Battaramulla close to the Ministry of Agriculture, after which they gathered opposite the Ministry. This was a peaceful campaign. Although it was a peaceful  campaign slogan were shouted right through out there march until they reached the Ministry premises. Thereafter they sat and most of them were engaged to religion observances.

 Thereafter a group of representatives wanted to hand over a memorandum to the Minister explaining the bill effects of the Draft Bill and get his consent for its withdrawal. As the Minister was not co-operative enough to accept it, The media secretary of Minister  came. but  did not hand over the memorandum to him. Buddhist monk Rev. Mahamankadawala Piyarathana Nayaka Thera the convener of the "Movement for the Protection of Seed Rights" and who work in close collaboration with the other religious dignitaries went in to hand it over to the Minister. It is reported that the Minister was quite indifferent and had not paid any attention to the matter.

Savisthri Members from the Monaragala & Anuradhapura Districts, (farming women)

On hearing the attitude of the Minister some participants had get restless but the other participants had brought the situation under control. 

A riot squad was present in the premises to take action in the event of an uprising. But quietness and calmness prevailed and everything ended well. 

The attached pictures which appeared in the daily papers of Sri Lanka show various instances of the rally.