American Embassy Officials Visit to Observe YACHT Youth Project

Savisthri youth project implemented in Kekirawa with the assistance from the American Embassy in Sri Lanka  was visited by Ms. Samanthi de Soyza and Ms. Sunera Schaller, Public Diplomacy Associate to observe its success. There were members of the YACHT project and Savisthri members to meet the visitors at Pinpara Farm and Savisthri Field Training Centre . Due to being busy attending to their cultivations all failed to participate but representatives from each village were present.

 Resource persons sharing experiences   

 The visitors seemed impressed with the progress made by the youth and the coordination they maintain with the Savisthri members. Savisthri members mentioned that they wanted younger group to take over the vision and mission of Savisthri  which has empowered them to show their strength as responsible women.

Discussions in progress
Except for the interpretation to overcome constraints of language, there was a direct discussion direct. Mr. Ravi Kariyawasam who acted as an external  resource  person during the course of implementation  and Mr. Somaratne Herath, internal resource person and Ms. K. A. Chandanie, Savisthri District Facilitator for Anuradhapura district also participated in the discussion.
Observing an income generation project – 
finger millet flour making in the traditional method

The visitors witnessed one income generation project being carried out at Pinpara farm and the farm produce collected at the Centre for sale. They mentioned that there would be a permanent sales point at the farm and the need for a storage building to collect the produce. They explained that at present, they use the building at the centre for collection especially on Tuesdays, the day prior to Savisthri weekly fair at Ranajayapura Junction, Wednesday  and on Thursdays.