Participation of the Savisthri Movement at the International Workers’ Day – 01.05.2014.

The United Workers Congress held it’s May Day celebrations at the Price Park commencing at 1300 hrs.
Approximately 1000 induviduals participated at this meeting comprising of representative of labour, women and Trade Unions. Throughout the rally which was named the May Day of the Working Class’ the undermention matters were emphasized.

1. Maintenance and development of the workers emoluments in  par with the existing financial expenditure.
2. To do away with militarization for the establishment of a democratic administrative system in Sri Lanka.
3. Abrogation of the planned seed and Water Management Drafts for the maintenance of the rights of the farmer community for the land, water, seeds and plants.
4. To take action to protect the small scale fishermen from the multi-national companies.
5. To take firm action to give an awareness regarding the rights of the working women and the women in the North and East who are the heads of the families.
6. To take action against the practice of thriving on profits derived from privatization of free education and Health.
7. To laise with an alternative procedure against the new liberalized economic development procedure.

The Savisthri women joined the rally in conformity with the above facts.

Padma Pusthpakanthi of the Savisthri Movement addressed the rally on behalf of the Savisthri Movement inviting those assembled to liaise with an alternative development procedure which would secure the rights and respect of all citizens including the women.