Savisthri Fair Trade 2014

Savisthri Fair Trade Exhibition and Fair was held on 09th  and 10th of April at Dr. N.M.Perera Centre on Cotta Road, Colombo 8. After 04 regional fairs in Monaragala, Anuradhapura, Matale and Galle, this was organized. As has been in the previous years, the objectives were to promote products free of chemicals and adulteration to ensure safety and to bring the producer and the consumer together.

The districts of Anuradhapura and Monaragala took the lead in this event. There was an assortment of items such as local varieties of rice, sweetmeats, vegetables, yams, fruits and so forth. Three member organizations of WASJ from Negombo also exposed dried fish, goat milk products, rice, sweetmeats etc.

There were inquiries from the participants in the previous years as well. They exposed ready made garments, household items like table clothes, pillow cases, tea, etc. Altogether there were 20 stalls. Savisthri helped the participants by providing stalls, giving publicity to the activity and assisting the participants in various ways to enable them to carry out their sales on the one hand and making consumers knowledgeable about the concept. There were several cutouts and a leaflet for distribution.

The weather was fine throughout. Participating individuals and organizations had contributed LKRs 2500/- to the Fair Trade fund maintained by Savisthri. 

 The objectives were
-        -  to popularize chemical free agricultural products.
-        -  to make consumers and producers directly transact without the involvement of middlemen.
-        -  to introduce fair concept as an alternative to existing market system.