Exchange of experiences pertaining to the practical Alternative Programme.

The above meeting was held on 16.06.2009 at the Savisthri National Office with the participation of approximately 75 individuals representing 10 organizations.

The proceedings commenced by listening to the song "Crown belongs to the king and the country belongs to the people" and 01 minute's silence was observed in memory of the dead and the displaced as a consequence of the war.

* A Clarification of the objective was made by Miss. Padma Pushpakanthi, National Secretary, Savisthri , Convenor of the Womens Action for Social Justice and the Mothers' Movement for Combating Malnutrition. She gave a vivid account of the :-

- Inauguration of the Womens Action for Social Justice.
- It's process.
- Problems arisen in the country as at now.
- The way of interfering in such matters.

* As has hitherto been done a glass of Cunjee made out of green leaves of nutritious value was given to the participants for breakfast.
A few lectures were delivered on the following important topics :-

- Our hereditary indigenous medicinal treatment.
- Aurvedic medicines and their favourable effects enjoyed by our ancestors.
- Tea cultivation free from poisonous stuff.
- The benefits that accrue to the environment and the economy as a consequence of tea cultivation devoid of poisonous stuff.
- The method of preparing liquid fertilizer.
- Method of preparing organic fertilizer.
- Importance of using organic fertilizer.
- How our home garden should be prepared.

- Economic benefits accruing thereof and health benefits.
- Sale of plots of land and the coconut cultivation threatened by natural disasters.

* Special mention was made of Varieties of locally grown yams.

- How they had been used as a staple food from time immemorial.
- Varieties of yams that are being used today.
- Medicinal and nutritional value of yams.
- How certain varieties of yams have become extinct.
- Should protect locally grown yams.

* Two Savisthri representatives gave an explanation regarding the Alternate Economic Programme and touched on the undermentioned factors :-

- Savings System maintained by the Savisthri Small Groups.
- Security of such savings.
- Mode of utilizing such savings for the benefit of the members without going into finance companies.

Another lecture was delivered on :-

- How the freedom of speech has been lost.
- Right to live, which is a fundamental right of all beings.
- Problems faced by individuals in their day to day life and regulations and laws enacted regarding such problems.
- Injustices in the society.
- Fear and inability to go against such injustices.
- Organization against lost rights.

* For lunch, local food items cooked and wrapped in plantain leaves were given in the customary Sri Lankan way.
* After lunch a fair was held in the premises of the Savisthri Movement by the representatives of the Six Districts where various items like Cereals, Kurakkan powdered and Packeted, cow pea, rice flour, sweet meats turned out of rice flour, various bites were displayed and sold.
* At the end of the programme the undermentioned agreements had been reached :-

- Extension of this programme within the existing social, economic and political arena.
- Constant exchange of practical experiences.

This programme which commenced at 1000 hrs. continued till 1500 hrs.