A two day training for the staff of the Savisthri Movement

A two day (14.10.2009 – 15.10.2009) training for the staff of the Savisthri Movement was held at the Savisthri National Office with the participation of the Savisthri National Office Staff and the District Co-ordinators of the Six Districts. The objective was the achievement of the "Savisthri" targets within the Six months period 01.10.2009 – 31.03.2010. Mr. Lalith Abeysinghe, Development consultant and a highly experienced Trainer in the field of Community Development, functioned as the Resource Person.

At the outset the National Co-ordinator Miss. Padma Pushpakanthi of the Savisthri Movement addressed the participants and explained the objective of holding the staff training and the expected results.
The Resource Person Mr. Lalith Abesinghe gave a clarification regarding the work to be performed and his discussion was based on the undermentioned matters :-
i. The scheduled work for the period 01.10.2009 – 31.03.2010.
ii. Identification of the present position of the programme.
iii. Formation of a monitoring methodology for the programme.

Subsequently he gave a clarification regarding the undermentioned targets to be achieved within the three year project period :-

Formation of a strong women's force with a women's perspective to minimize the social inequality and secure necessary resources for the wellbeing of the community through intervention in social, economic and political issues in a fruitful and efficient manner.

The Resource Person went further and clarified that the reports of the activities carried out should be written District or National Level based on these targets only. If not he said that it was better not to write such reports.

This training was held by dividing the participants into three groups and getting their views separately.

Next he introduced the outcome of our hard work which he categorized into two:-

i. Outcome No.01 - Improvement of the family income and social betterment of the targetted community should be effected through eco – friendly and collective activities.

ii. Outcome No. 02 - A women's group consisting of various ethnicities, religions and castes interfering in social issues in a fruitful, co-existing and peaceful manner with a women's perspective.

After clarifying the outcomes, the Resource Person indicated the three year targets introduced earlier at a previous staff training and introduced them with a change for the six month period (01.10.2009 – 31.03.2010). All these targeted activities which are mentioned below should be completed by 31.03.2010 :-

ü. 35 strong women leaders in the Six Districts.
ü. Formation of new small groups 100 in number.
ü. New 20 Mini Societies.
ü. An increase of 25% membership and capital.
ü. New Home Gardens 220.
ü. Common income generating projects 03.
ü. Model Private income generating projects 03.
ü. Youth and childrens groups (District wise) 04.
ü. Strong Human Rights District Committees 02.
ü. Members of the staff to emerge as resource persons and trainers 02.
ü. Creation of a Strong Network of Organizations - completion of 1/3 of the work
(District and National Level).

On the second day a plan was drawn with the participation of all those present for the achievement of the targets. Finally it was agreed to submit a report to the funding organizations showing the progress made during the period 01.10.2009 – 31.12.2009, in January 2010.

Finally, the proceedings ended at 1400 hrs. on 15.10.2009.