Let us weave clothes of unity.

"Savisthri" women went on a good-will mission to Baticaloa in the Eastern Province with the intention of forming a relationship with their counterparts in Baticaloa, in April 2009.

- Specialty - Being women widowed by the Cruel War "Life is not worth living. But life goes on" Those were the words uttered by these women.
- We women in the south have the responsibility of allowing those women to lead their lives. That is the feeling of our group.
- We are quite aware that we cannot solve all the problems of these Tamil Women who are alone and isolated.
- Those who govern should give a political settlement to their problem (ethnic). As ordinary citizens, in order to avoid another such group getting isolated in life, we should form a cordial relationship amongst us, understand each others feelings and must respect each and every individual.

Hence, after this goodwill mission in April 2009 let us form a very strong relationship

– Let us weave clothes of unity.
An attempt was made to find a market place for hand loom textiles woven by these 26 lone women widowed by the cruel war. By now this action of ours is being supported by many in southern Sri Lanka.