The sudden demise of one of Savisthri’s capable Facilitators

It is with deep regret that we of the Savisthri Movement write this brief note on the demise of M/S Liyanage Janaki Perera who worked as a District Facilitator of Savisthri (Development Alternatives for Women) Movement in the Matale District, until her demise on 26.05.2012.
She did a Yeoman’s Sevice for the benefit of the Savisthri members in Matale numbering 712. The work she performed was tremendous by giving all the necessary instructions regarding home gardening from the preparation of the Soil, upto the sowing of seeds, regarding SAPCA (Savisthri Producers and Consumers Association) bringing  the producer and the consumer together to enable the consumer to purchase the requisite items at cheap rates, Human Rights ie the intervention in instances of violations of Human Rights together with the members of the Human Rights committees formed with her initiative to bring about long lasting peace, in the maintenance of Mini Societies numbering 21 in the Matale District where monetary g assistance is granted to the members at a very nominal rate of interest for the house-hold expenses and in particular to invest in small scale income generating ventures etc.
The void created by her sudden death is irreparable. Savisthri has lost one of her Capable Facilitators.
May she Rest in Peace.