The second conference of SAAPE (South Asia Alliance for Poverty Eradication) was held in the Shanker Hotel in Kathmandu, Nepal on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2006 on the theme "Struggle for Grassroots Democracy South Asian Perspective."
Representatives from the South Asian countries as well as those from Afganistan, Kashmir and some European Countries too participated.

13 representatives from Sri Lanka representing Women's,Farming, Fishing, plantation fields Labour and Human Rights sectors under the leadership of MONLAR (Movement for National Land and Agricultural Reforms) which acts as the co-ordinator of SAAPE in Sri Lanka participated at this conference.

Photo shows the group that participated from Sri Lanka.
1st row from left :-
Fr.Benil,(Plantation Social Forum),Mr.Wejasinghe(Monlar),Mr.Prabath Kumara,Ms.Megalla(Home for Human Rights),Mr.Sarth Fenando(Monlar),Mr. Enbernayagam(Jaffna).
2nd row from left:-Mr. Shamila Indika (Monlar),Miss. Prarthana(Savisthri),Mr.Lalith Abesinghe(Sathyodaya),Mr.Samith Roshan(Nafso),Mr. Saranapala,Ms. Kalyani Attanayaka (Womens Development Center),Ms.Sugala Kumari (People's Planning Commision).