Discussion with Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
"Women's Action for Social Justice" organized a discussion with His Excellency, President of Sri Lanka and members of Parliament on the "Women's Declaration for the Betterment of the country". Accordingly the first discussion was held on 2006.06.13 with the Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Minister Mr. Felix Perera at 3.00 p.m. at the Fisheries Ministry.

The following decisions were taken at the meeting with the Fisheries Minister :-
1. Inauguration at regional level purchasing of fish from the fishermen and marketing of same with the interference of the Ministry of Fisheries.
2. Formulation of a method of distribution of fish to the central parts of the country and provision of transport facilities for same.
3.Immediate stoppage of the importation of dried fish and tinned fish and the opening up of a tinned fish factory in the island in the course of this year to raise the local fish production.
4. If meetings of the fisheries sector are organized at regional level, the assurance that the Minister's participation and assistance would be given.

The under – mentioned participated at this meeting held with the Minister :-
Padma Pushpakanthi (Convener of the Network), Mary Princy (Janawabodaya Center), Geetha Lakmini (National Fisheries Solidarity), Roshini Gangani (District Co-ordinator of Savisthri, Galle) Lalani Kalupahana (Savisthri member, Galle) and Shanthi Amarasekara.