Protest Rally against Chaos

Civil organizations and other multi community organizations joined hands together and prepared a set of suggestions regarding reforms for democratic changes and handed it over to several political parties other than the ruling party on 25.11.2011 at 1500 hrs. opposite the Fort Railway Station.

The objective of this programmes was not only to effect a change in the present government but to establish a Civil Society Movement which could exert impacts to effect a favourable change socially economically and politically.

For this purpose 109 civil and multi community organizations and a crowd exceeding 1000 representating farming, fishing and plantation labour from various Districts participated at this event.

For the reformation programme essential to effect a democratic change in the country, 100 Savisthri members from Monaragala , Anuradhapura, Matale and Matara Districts participated and Savisthri took the responsibility of initiating a Signature Campaign. Added to this, there were events like bana preaching in stanza form, street dramas, media discussions, exhibitions and expression of views.

Savisthri Movement has made plans to give an awareness to the masses and form a strong civil society Movement, in the near future.