Procedure for the establishment of a peace bridge linking the North, the East and the South – Stage II

For the above purpose 20 persons representing the South (represented by 12) North – Jaffna represented by 03, East – Batticaloa represented by 03 and Vauvniya represented by 02 participated at the meeting held on 01.11.2011 at village Development foundation, Mannar Road Vauvniya commercing at 0930 a.m.
Miss Padma Pushpakanthi of the Savisthri Movement representing the South pointed out :-
That in view of the fact that women had been greatly inconvinced by the various problems that cropped up as a consequence of the long drawn war, time had come for women to take the lead in preserving peace in the country.
 This was an attempt made to collect the views, feelings and expectations of the women in the North and the South for the establishment of sustainable peace amongst various ethnicities.

She further emphasized that the aim of these women is to solve all the issues that arise socially, economically, politically with the intervention of women and contribute to the creation of a strong Womens’ Movement in the country.
 Most of the programmes implemented with the initiative taken by the males are of a violent nature. Experience shows that contrary to such notions women interfere with loving kindness in any activity and such activities are full of love and kindness. This fact should be accepted and action taken accordingly by both the men and their counterparts. It is such intervention that is required today and a strong Womens Movement has the ability to solve any issues that crop up in the country in the future.