Trip to Jaffna – 10.09.2010 to 12.09.2010

About 35 members of the Savithri Movement left for Jaffna on 10.09.2010 on a two day good-will mission to meet the internally displaced people and get acquainted with their views and problems.

Lodging for the 35 of us was provided by Father Gnanaraj of the Methodist Council of Jaffna. We were accompanied by him to Uduvil a village in Jaffna occupied by the displaced people since the year 1990 as a consequence of the three decade old war (LTTE).

In our discussions with these displaced people we were apprised by them that they had left their dwellings and settled down in the Uduvil village and never visited their dwellings and villages thereafter because of the unsettled situation. They further explained the havoc caused by the long drawn war, loss of life, loss of their beloved ones, loss of their livelihoods which threw them to a deep abyss.

Various kinds of plants taken by us like Coconut, Cadju, etc. had been planted in a few villages including Uduvil.

Father Gnanaraj expressed his gratitude to the Savisthri members for visiting Jaffna on a good-will mission whilst others visited Jaffna on pleasure trips. We returned to Colombo on 12.10.2010 with the hope of visiting them again and be of assistance to those innocent people.