Special Programme to Commemorate the Human Rights Day - " In search of humanity"

A workshop to commemorate the Human Rights Day was held by the Savisthri Movement on 12.12.2009 commencing at 0930hrs at the Community Educational Centre at Thalahena, Malabe, Sri Lanka with the participation of 70 members from the 06 Districts where Savisthri Movement is implementing its activities and the National Office. This number included 06 members from the Manna District too.

This programme commenced after listening to the song "Tell me why" .

The National Secretary of the Savisthri Movement, Miss Padma Pushpakanthi gave a clarification regarding the objective of the workshop. She stated :-
ü On 10.12.2009 we passed another Human Rights Day.
ü We as member of the Savisthri Movement has passed several such days whilst working for Human Rights.
ü During that period, have we secured even the right to live?
ü What have we done for Human Rights.

So saying she made a request to make this an opportunity to get an awareness regarding this matter.
One Mr. Sunil Ranasinghe explained in detail what humanity is and the humanity we are searching for. The participants had been divided into ten groups and each group had been given a question regarding human rights seeking the views and suggestions of the members. They gave diverse views such as disparity due to ethnicity, race and religion and due to the widened gap between the rich and the poor, lack of freedom of speech regarding the war, peace, elections, high cost of living, unemployment, injustice, prevailing corruption especially amongst the politicians, harassment, pressure exerted on the poor especially the down-trodden women and children, pilfering of the country's resources etc.

Members suggested that they should stand against the injustice meted out, should commence a dialogue regarding the right to speech not allowed, that awareness programmes should be held regarding the rights of the people.

Summing up, Mr. Ranasinghe said whatever we utter, whether the words be harsh or loving, there should be humanness.

Instead of searching for humanity, we go in search of other things like who should be our administrator or else whether what is shown on the TV is correct. He compared the state to a demon and said that this state does not create a man at all. Through meditation and sermons humanity cannot be searched for. We all should get together to search for humanity.

At the conclusion, the participants were entertained to a cultural show consisting of various items displayed by the Savisthri members of the Six Districts.