Fair Trade and Exhibition

handloom sarees
clothes and ornaments
indigeneous foods
indigeneous medicines
alternative energy
clay pots
handy crafts

commune exhibition and fair
reasonable price and high quality

2009 December 11 from 9am to 8pm
No: 997/43, Park Lane, Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka, T.p. 011-2865084 / 011-3188531

Dear commarades

Savisthri (Women for development alternatives )Movement has organized a fair trade and exhibition to be held on 11th December from 9 am to 8 pm for promoting alternative community creations and productions, We invite other organizations and individuals to collaborate with us in this event, providing free space and equal opportunity for an attractive and high quality productions.

Aims and Goals
· developing fair trade
· buildup confidence on fair trade
· initiate dialogue for fair trade
· encourage the people alternative products
· spreading ideology among the people
If you have any intention of participating in this event, please send us the relevant information to the above address before November 30, 2009.
· handloom sarees
· bedspreads
· handbags
· shoes
· clothes and ornaments
· indigenous foods
· indigenous medicines
· alternative energy(bio-gas)
· clay pots
· handy crafts
· other
With solidarity,

Padma Pushpakanthi
National Coordinator/Secretary,
Savisthri movement

savisthri events 2009