Monthly progress and activities of the Savisthri Movement

Consumer Service of the Savisthri Alternate Producers and Consumer Section.
Food devoid of poisonous stuff for a healthy life.

A marketing stall was inaugurated in the Savisthri National Office on 07.01.2009 for the purpose of providing food of nutritional value collected from the Six Districts where Savisthri programmes are being implemented. To mark the occasion a small function was held on the day in question with the participation of Savisthri members and neighbours. This stall is being kept opened on the five week days commencing from 9000 hrs. to 1700 hrs. and cater to the needs of the Savisthri members and neighbours.

The Savisthri Home Gardening programme is successfully carried out in the Matara District and it is worth, mentioning that a Mini Bank Society member named "Nirosha" has been able to collect a good harvest from he. garden where she had cultivated various items including a variety of yams. Some neighbours who were thrilled at her success and after getting aware that Nirosha had received all the assistance from the Savisthri Movement had formed a small group consisting of six members.

A school Nutritional Programme.

Subsequent to the Savisthri Food programme carried out in the Six Districts including Galle District coinciding with the world food day, a special programme had been carried out in the Ratgama Sirisumana college to provide cunjee which is a nutritious food to the school children prepared out of various herbal plants grown in the home gardens of the villagers. This programme is being carried out with the assistance of the Galle District Savisthri Co-ordinator, Savistheri Women leaders and the parents of the school children.

A policy for economic activities

A draft document regarding an alternate economic policy to be submitted to the government is being discussed amongst the members of the Savisthri Movement.

Women's Policy Document

Copies of the draft of the Women Policy document formulated by the Savisthri Movement has been made available to the District Organizations in the Matara District and it is being expected to discuss this matter in the month of February.

Survey conducted to collect information regarding the lost land rights.

A survey is being carried out through the Womens Action for Social Justice (WASJ) regarding the injustices meted out to women as a consequence of their losing land rights.

The Second survey is to be carried out by the Savisthri Movement regarding the various irregularities that have resulted as a consequence of the re-location of the tsunami victims.

A view expressed by a member

L.G.Nimanthie Wijayanthi of the Mini Bank Society Gandhara, Matara says that she has been able to strengthen her economy through the awareness gained by her with her participation in the various programmes implemented by the Savisthri Movement. She is full of praise for Savisthri for getting an awareness regarding the preparation of a nutritious meal and being able to prepare a good home garden.

Human Rights Protection Committees

With the special knowledge gained regarding Human Rights, a special programme was organized in the Moneragala District by the Human Rights Committee regarding health rights. For this awareness programme, 52 people participated including the Savisthri National Secretary and representatives of some other organization. As a consequence of this programme, a decision was taken to impart this knowledge to the rural community, to collect particulars regarding health policy violations at each monthly meeting and to have a special discussion to get views and suggestions for the alternate economic policy and the women's policy document.

Youth Camp at Matale

A three day awareness programmes was held on January 23, 24 and 25. 2009 in the Matale Raja Maha Viharaya (Buddhist Temple) to create an awareness amongst the youth both males and females in the Matale District on the theme "comple man, full society" with the co-ordination of the Savisthri National Office.

At this, a workshop was held on the personality of the youth, social obligations, art, youth and global warming. Savishtir expects to extend this workshop to other Districts as well.

District programmes held in the month of January 2009 :-

Several District programmes like holding SAPCA committee meetings, awareness given to Human Rights Committees, exchange of the products, holding youth camps etc. had been held in the Six Districts in the month of January 2009.

What is this present social crisis?

A discussion regarding the existing social crisis as felt by each individual was held in the Savisthri National Office at 1700 hrs. on 28.01.2009 with the participation of representatives of various organizations, independent individuals as well as members of the Savisthri Movement.