A Healthy Life for All Living Beings-

The food crisis which is being experienced by the whole world is being felt in Sri Lanka as well. The escalation of the food prices has become a heavy burden to the masses. The people have got accustomed to purchase food at exorbitant prices and there is no guarantee about the nutritious value of such food. The number of patients increase day by day and various disasters that occur due to environmental changes too are on the increase and it is clear as crystal that there is a close liaison between these factors.

The first class food producing companies which have invaded the market are manouvering and using various methods to expand their products with the main aim of deriving a profit. Nutrition, health and other environmental factors are not their concern in their search for wealth. The ill effects are experienced by the poor majority.

Our experience is that a majority of the population in our country are affilicted with one or two of the undermentioned diseases.

Kidney ailments Various aches and pains.
Diabetese Catarrh.
Heart troubles. Poor vision.
High pressure. Greying of hair at a young age.
Leaukemia. Tooth decay.
Severe epidemics . Indolence.
Leptospirosis/ Dengu/ Malaria.

The power of resistence in our bodies to these diseases have now vanished. Due to the lack of resistence power people are prone to fall prey to various diseases. From time immemorial people have toiled hard in the paddy fields for their livelihoods and they got accustomed to associate their lives in canals and muddy fields and rivers. The revelations made now that maddy water in specially paddy fields contain poisonous stuff that would harm the cultivators bring a shudder to their bodies.

The agriculture and plantation work thrust on the farmer today using imported fertilizer and other chemicals and insecticides had become the order of the day. Chemicals are added to vegetables, fruits and cereals to keep cereals longer. Chemicals like Malathion and Actalic are added to cereals. Instant food added with preservatives and essences are available in abundance in the market. It has been revealed that the additives used for food are chemicals that are used in cleaning iron, alluminium sheets and lavatories. It is no secret that genes of scorpions, spiders are used in the preparation of genetically modified food which has resulted in several deaths.

When considering these factors it is not reasonable to place the blame for various diseases on rats and mosquitoes alone.

Hence people who live and consume :-

In an environment polluted by poisonous staff.
Who consume food contaminated by poison.
Who consume food devoid of nutrition.
Who become prey to the poisonous food available in the market.
Whose bodies absorb poision through indulgence in the five senses have to live a life of uncentaimity with death at a short distance.

What should be done

The agriculture that is being forcibly done utilizing poison and chemicals to the good earth should be stopped immediately.
We should engage in agriculture which has the ability to naturally improve it's quality.
One should produce one's own food taking into consideration nutrition and health of all beings.
Get accustomed to consume customary food that is available free and which are inherent in abundance in the relevant areas.
Adherence to food patterns paying attention to nutrition and health and not according to the requirements of the market.

Taking into consideration all these factors and as a group which has acquired vast experiences by making these factors practical, the Savisthri organization and the Womens Action for Social Justice (WASJ) have formulated a plan to make the people adhere to the customary nutritious food free from poison and chemicals and with this end in view have initiated action to inaugurate and maintain food marketing stalls with nutritious food, awareness programmes and exhibitions in 12 Districts in the month of October 2008 based on the World Food Day.

Particulars pertaining to this activity are given below:-


To make the masses get accustomed to the use of nutritious food which is freely available, devoid of poisonous stuff.

A healthy life for all beings.

Selected places in the 12 Districts.

Display of posters, forms, marketing stalls with nutrition food devoid of poison and chemicals.

Expected aim
Get accustomed to local / inherent in the relevant areas / food which is freely available.

To do away with contaminated food.


Through Resource Persons, activists, members, creative work prepared in an attractive manner and through street dramas.