Activates of the Savisthri Human Rights Protect Impact Group

Today the Savisthri Human Rights Protection Impact groups are being well implemented in the Six Districts where Savisthri programmes are being carried out viz. Galle, Matara, Monaragala, Anuradhapura, Matale and NuwaraEliya. Out of these Six Districts, Matale and Anuradhapura Districts occupy a prominent place. The Anuradhapura District Human Rights Protection Impact Group worked with great zeal to find solutions to the various problems encountered by the masses in that District and they had been able to settle most of their problems. Due to lack of transport facilities, most of the school children had to trek a long way to their schools. In case of illness or to purchase their daily requirements people had to undergo various difficulties to reach the main road. Due to the keen interest taken by the people along with the Savisthri Human Rights Protection Impact Group Anuradhapura, they had been able to get a bus from the Kekirawa Depot. Now the people are quite happy as they can send their children to schools in time and obtain their requirements from the city using the transport facility provided to them. In the supervision of the Provincial Development Work, monitoring and post monitoring work too the Divisional al Secretary's Office at Ipalogama get the assistance of this group. This shows the ability and efficiency of this group in creating changes in the society.