The workshop on "Gender" held on 16.05.2007

This workshop was held entirely for the staff of the Savisthri Organization including the organization's District and Field Co-ordinators in the Six Districts where Savisthri programme are being implemented.

Venue : Hivos Office, Fife Road, Colombo 03.
Date and time : 16.05.2007 – From 0900hrs to 5.00 hrs.
Resource Person : Miss. Menaha Kandasamy
Aim : To develop the knowledge of the Savisthri staff regarding the gender concept prevailing in the society.
Introduction : Miss. Faisun Zakariya, Sri Lanka Co-ordinator, Hivos Institute, explained in a nutshell of the gender concept and introduced Miss. Menaha Kandasamy to the staff of "Savisthri".

At the outset Miss. Menaha explained about the biological difference between man and woman. It is only a sex difference, a difference in features. But from time immemorial this difference has been in existence where a male has been considered an superior to a female. This difference is rooted in our society in such away that even today a woman whilst engaging in work to earn a living has to attend to all the household chores all alone.

She explained that even today in families sons and daughters are treated in a different manner. Parents always give preference to sons than daughters. Sons are provided with all the nutritious food whist less attention is paid to daughters. This difference prevails even in offices where consideration is given to the males.

This programme was continued on 26.06.2007 at the Community Education Centre, Talahena. At this, it was emphasized how the class destination came into existence. It is the woman who is pressurized by all these class distinctions. She gave an exercise to take this issue before the people in various strata in the society.

The next programme will be conducted in a couple of months time.